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PIRX One is the 3D printer.

By melting thermoplastics and depositing them layer by layer this device can produce literally any shape you want.

All you have to do is to create a 3D model or use one of the available designs online.

Then just press print and enjoy your creativity!

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Download specification.

Limitless possibilities

There are countless ways to benefit from the use of our device. Save money by printing fully functional household necessities. Create unique, personalized gifts or perhaps even start your own 3D printing business!

Cutting edge technology

PIRX One has a rigid frame, made of steel. Just like a battleship! Q Sensor system eliminates calibration issues. Custom made linear guides, optical Z endstop and high performance trapezoid screw allow astounding 10 micron precision.

Ease of use

Simplicity of the interface combined with SD card printing capability makes the whole printing process easy as pie. If you encounter any problems our great support team is standing by to provide help.

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